Module 2: Coaching Genius (APG – Accessing Personal Genius)
Wed, Dec 02
Online via Zoom, Learning Management System
Dec 02, 1:00 PM GMT+8 – Dec 11, 5:00 PM GMT+8
Online via Zoom, Learning Management System
Dec 2, 3, 9, & 10 1 – 5 pm (4 sessions)
The Christian Leader as World Class Coach
Wed, Oct 14
Online Event
Oct 14, 1:00 PM GMT+8 – Oct 20, 5:00 PM GMT+8
Online Event
Oct. 14,16 & 20, 2020 (3 part half day sessions) 1:00-5:00 pm



How Leader's Can Unleash People's Greatness



We're great listeners. We want to hear your challenges and determine how we can help.




Bestselling Author and Catholic Lay Preacher

This book is a giant gift to the world. Anyone who wants to be a successful leader should read it.


Country Head, Amazon Web Services

(Former Country Manager of Cisco)

This book is a must-read for both aspiring and seasoned leaders! Add great coaching skills in your arsenal and you increase your chances of winning in this game called life.


Director, Southeast Asia Business School (SEABS)

University of Asia and the Pacific

This book will help you bring out and enhance your coaching skills to become an exceptional leader. It's a great addition to the coaching literature with very practical applications and examples.

The Christian Leader As World Class Coach Testimonials


“I have attended so many seminars, most of which teach the why part but not the how.  This is the next chapter of that journey.


Meta-Coaching will take you on the next adventure to know yourself deeper and unearth your hidden potential. 


It will show you that the keys you have been looking for have been in your pocket all is time to unleash it!”

 Jayson Lo

Top Ranked Speaker, Best Selling Author 


"I consider that the dynamics of Meta-Coaching have their valuable place within the spiritual work of grace.  Our pastoral training would benefit from learning practical skills such as:


• Establishing good sustainable rapport

• Becoming effective listeners

• Asking good questions

• Identifying their own conviction and motivations to change and grow

• Laying out best practical steps toward personal change"

John Keating
Presiding Elder, Servants of the Word
VP, Sword of The Spirit


"Meta-Coaching is an answered prayer because...the old model of discipleship has not been working…

[i.e.] get someone into a relationship and feed him, tell him what to do. If he has a problem, solve the problem for him. And if he has a question, you give him an advise…

based on what I’ve Experienced, Meta-Coaching is the new language of discipleship!"

Bo Sanchez
Author and renowned Faith Leader


"After a series of training on meta coaching, I became more aware of who I am, became deeply appreciative of what more I can do, and more eager to discover and unleash potentials still hidden within me.

This method of unlocking the gifts that god has given me influenced greatly my unique style of helping participants to unlock theirs, too.

Meta-coaching is a powerful tool that god has gifted us with to be more of him in doing the mission he entrusted us within the church."

Celsa Paler-Uy

Former Mission/Executive Director Institute for Pastoral Development for more than 20 years


"Meta-Coaching made me a better leader!
I learned to listen more and appreciate others as they are."

Fr. James Castro

Claretian Missionary

First Meta-Coach Priest


"Meta-Coaching has helped our young people reflect on their purpose and meaning, enabling them to level up themselves and to overcome obstacles. 

The skills we learned in the Meta-Coaching system have equipped us to listen more, to come up with purposive questions that may more effectively serve others. Meta-Coaching facilitates changed lives."

Lorna Campos

Senior Woman Leader

Christ Youth in Action

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