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We are prime movers of the META-REVOLUTION*!

Inspired by “Who will Join the Revolution” by Dr. L M Hall

We tap within and liberate human potentials in ourselves and in organizations, businesses, families, and other domains -

 to create an incredibly better world.



We actualize EXCELLENCE through training, consulting, and coaching.


We build a partnership with our clients, customizing our programs to meet their unique situations, applying the transformation technology of Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming. 


We build a community of coaches, trainers, and leaders, who are life long

learners in order to actualize our best selves, in service of others.


We develop ourselves towards mastery to provide the highest benefits for our clients and our partners.


We believe that there is within every person fascinating possibilities for becoming so much more…


Brkthru, the hub of Neuro-Semantics® and Meta-Coaching® in the Philippines and in Asia.


In 2014, Brkthru pioneered the first Neuro-Semantic Program facilitated in the Philippines by Dr. L Michael Hall, the co-founder of the Meta-Coaching System and International Society of Neuro-Semantics. This program also happened to be the first-ever “Group and Team Coaching” Workshop.


Partnering with Southeast Asian Business Studies of the University of Asia and the Pacific (SEABS-UA&P), Brkthru launched the first Meta-Coaching Bootcamp Certification (ACMC) in the Philippines last 2015.

The second ACMC was held on June 2018.


We sponsored gateway courses facilitated by Dr. Hall, namely: “Coaching Change”, “Political Coaching”, and “Effective Parenting” workshops. This partnership also launched the diploma on the “Psychology of Self-Actualization”, featuring transformation tracks on “Unleashing Vitality”, “Unleashing Leadership”, “Unleashing Potentials”, “Unleashing Creativity & Innovation”, and “Unleashing Productivity” in 2017.

In March 2018, Brkthru and SEABS partnered with New Beginnings of Mauritius and Fiji to bring in international Neuro-Semantic Trainer, Sandra Viljoen, to train Filipinos in NLP Practitioner.


Being one of the nominees of the lifetime achievement award in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Dr. Hall trained coaches and trainers from 13 countries for the NLP Master Practitioner Certification in August 2018. This training is Dr. Hall’s legacy to the NLP trainers and community. Brkthru is the official producer and distributor of the videos.  


​In 2019, collaborating with the Meta-Coach Foundation of Mauritius and the Asia Professional Training Institute (APTI)-Hong Kong, Brkthru is organizing the Philippine contingent to the Meta-Coaching Mastery Bootcamp in

Mauritius (June) and in Hong Kong (December).

Aligned to our advocacy of spreading the transformational impact of the Neuro Semantic programs, Brkthru is at the helm of raising Neuro Semantic Trainers in the Philippines as we collaborate with Meta-Mind -Indonesia for the international certification of “Neuro-Semantics Trainers Training” in Bali this July.


To localize the application of Meta-Coaching in organizations, Brkthru's resident Chief Coach and one of the first Filipino Meta-Coaches, Aldem Salvana, penned

"The World Class Coach: How Leaders

Unleash Their People's Greatness",

dubbed by Dr. Hall as the

“Meta-Coaching for Dummies.”


In 2019, World Class Coach Workshops will be officially launched for franchising.


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