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The LEADING REMOTE TEAMS Training offers practical solutions and tools to the unique challenges faced by leaders on remote. They will gain strategies on how to deal with team members who work from home, how to create an inclusive work-from-home culture, how to establish rules of engagement to keep their remote team productive even at a distance.


• Learn frameworks for effectively leading and   

  managing others remotely

• Understand the psychological impact of the remote environment and equip themselves with strategies to inspire and be a powerful leadership model

• Gain a proven approach to increase communication, connection and collaboration with remote people and teams

• Demonstrate how to make virtual team meetings and one-on-ones effective to reduce unproductive sessions

• Apply specific and actionable steps to manage individual and team productivity and performance


Session 1: YOU - Your Mindset and Leadership
• Psycho-Social Impact of Remote Work
• Leadership Imperatives in a Remote Situation

Session 2: YOUR PEOPLE: Their Mindset and Well-Being
• Balancing Well-Being and Productivity
• Tunnel Vision Effect and Impact of Creativity
• Coaching Cognitive Distortions

Session 3: YOUR TEAM: Remote Building of “Thriving” Culture
• Reducing “Affinity Distance”
• Increasing Connection Across the Miles
• Why People MISCOMMUNICATE - The Psychology of Communication

Session 4: TEAM WORK: SMART Collaboration More Important Than Ever
• Impact of Specialization
• Tools and Tips for Collaborating on Remote

Session 5: TEAM OUTCOMES: Ensuring Performance Management
• Remote Coaching and Feedback

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