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“Coaching is really about being a professional communicator, which begins with really, really listening and then enabling people to sense that we care about what they said and think; then asking the kind of probing, penetration, incisive questions that get to the heart of things quickly and powerfully. It also means listening and calibrating so precisely that you can mirror back their own responses so people can actually hear themselves.”

-Dr Michael Hall

Founder /Author, Meta-Coaching

META-COACHING ™ is a powerful coaching methodology that transcends traditional Performance Coaching, taking Coach and client to higher levels - to Developmental and Transformational Coaching. That is why we call it 'meta' meaning a higher level. At these levels profound change occurs naturally and easily. The result is success and transformation.

The system of Meta-Coaching

In developing the Meta-Coach Training System, Dr Hall and Michelle Duval took into account the dynamic psychological complexity of people, and relied upon critical variables and principles from several fields of human and adult development.

Meta Coaching can be defined as:

  • A conversation, a dialogue that gets to the very heart of things

  • A conversation that facilitates self-reflective mindfulness; awareness of our assumptions and the thoughts “in the back of our mind” that influence our feelings and emotions, our actions and behaviours, our speaking and communicating. This can also be explained as growing our “emotional intelligence”

  • The facilitating of change, enabling new learning, performance, development, even transformation of vision and mission

  • The implementing of what we know, closing the knowing-doing gap, transferring principles and concepts so they make a difference in practice

  • Working systemically with a person’s mind-body-emotion system within the contexts of business, career, relationships, health, etc.

  • Mobilising internal resources to unleash new possibilities so the client actualises his or her best strengths, potentials, and capabilities

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Meta-Coaching Essentials or Critical Skills for Communication Excellence is Module 1 of the Meta-Coaching System.  This online training is available this April 2021

Coaching Genius or Self Leadership is Module 2 of the Meta-Coaching System.  This online training is available this July 2021. 

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