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What is NLP?

  • NLP Is a cutting-edge communication and influencing technology modeled after exemplars in history in the areas of performance, communication, leadership, and relationships– organized into a set of powerful tools  you can use to learn 

  • How to run your own brain- if you suspect it sometimes runs by itself

  • How to effectively represent your experiences- correcting the built-in cognitive biases and distortions.

  • How to map the world of experiences that you’ve been through, that you think is possible to experience, and that you hope you will get to experience.

  • How to take charge of your states- especially emotions that are tough to manage.

  • How to develop effective strategies for your everyday life- in thinking, performing, communicating, leading, and relating or working with others.

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The Meta-States® Model developed by Dr. Michael L. Hall was awarded by the International NLP Trainer’s Association in 1995 as "the most significant contribution to NLP in 1994—1995.“

This model gave rise to Neuro-Semantics, or Meta-NLP

Meta-States generates a new extension of NLP, and in fact a “higher” form (higher in the sense of “meta”) of NLP
The Meta-States model does not merely “repackage” NLP, but actually extends NLP and opens up several new domains, which we designate as Meta-NLP. 

- Dr. Michael L. Hall 

“The User’s Manual for the Brain,” a textbook for the NLP Practitioner course, integrated the levels of thought model (i.e., the Meta-States model) into basic NLP. 

The result? Bob Bodenhamer has found that meta—states has installed an accelerated learning of NLP itself. So Meta-States takes and adds a “higher” expression of NLP by creating a meta-level platform for understanding and working with NLP. 

Functionally, it begins to offer a unified theory for the field. I realize that’s a very ambiguous and perhaps heady thing to say. So you be the judge. Check it out for yourself.

A simple illustration of meta-states

…whenever strong negative emotions came up in our meditations, we should treat them kindly. 
…be mindful whenever resentment, anxiety, regret, self-judgment or similar emotions came up; and instead of pushing them away, to treat them with the same respect and affection you might treat a good friend in need. Listen to them, be kind to them.

How this is done elegantly and easily in different contexts is the subject of the metastating patterns in  Neuro-Semantics workshops and trainings.

TRAINER: Dr. L Michael Hall


Michael Hall

PO Box 8

Clifton, CO 81520

Business – (970) 523-7877

meta @

Michael Hall, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur who lives in the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado.  For 20 years he conducted a private therapy practice and for 10 years an NLP Training Center.  He shifted to modeling expertise in the early 1990s and from that he creaed many NLP and Neuro-Semantic models including The Meta-States Model. Dr. Hall studied and worked with Bandler, writing several books for him and about NLP:  The Spirit of NLP (1996), Becoming More Ferocious as a Presenter,  Time For a Change, etc.

Dr. Hall’s doctorate is in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychology is from Union Institute University, Cincinnati Ohio.  His dissertation explored the languaging of four psychotherapies (NLP, RET, Reality Therapy, Logotherapy) using the formulations of General Semantics.  He addressed the Interdisciplinary International Conference (1995) presenting an integration of NLP and General Semantics.  His Masters degree was in Clinical Counseling and Psychology from Regis University in Denver Colorado and his Bachelors of Science was in Management of Human Resources.  Prior to that he took a Masters in Biblical Literature and Language.

As a prolific writer, Dr. Hall has written 58 books, another 30 serial books, over 100 published articles, and is recognized as a leading NLP Trainer and Developer.  Most notable of the models is the Meta-States Model, also The Matrix Model, Axes of Change, etc.   Michael co-founded, with Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, Neuro-Semantics® in 1996 as a field which focuses on meaning and performance.

As a modeler of expertise, Dr. Hall has completed 27 modeling projects which include modeling resilience, self-reflexive consciousness, “thinking,” communication excellence, sales, persuasion, accelerated learning, wealth creation, women in leadership, fitness and health, cultures, leadership, collaboration, and more.




  • The last time Dr. Hall trained the NLP Master Practitioner course was in Sydney Australia and in San Diego California in 2003. This training was conducted in the MANILA, PHILIPPINES on August 12– 25, 2018, SPONSORED BY BREAKTHROUGH COACHING & CONSULTING INC AND SOUTHEAST ASIAN BUSINESS STUDIES – UNIVERSITY OF ASIA AND THE PACIFIC. 

  • Dr Hall declared that the NLP Master Practitioner Course is the “last NLP course that he will conduct in his lifetime”  This video-recording is his legacy to for NLP trainers for years to come.  


  • Day 1 Review of NLP Practitioner in terms of Modeling as well as the Model of Self-reflexive Consciousness (the Meta-States Model) 

  • Days 2-3 Modeling Format using the Neuro-Semantic Models. Teams will be given Modelling Projects  

  • Days 4-6 Structure of Perception using the Meta-Programs Model  

  • Days 7-9 Structure of Meaning (Framing and Reframing) with the Mind-Lines Model 

  • Days 10-11 Structure of State Induction and Meta-State Induction with Meta-Trance 

  • Day 12 Model Summary


Letter of LMH



  • The Theme --- Modeling

  • As a Communication Model, NLP provides the premises, guidelines, and tools for modeling the structure of subjective experiences.  This design enables those who train Master Prac. and those who complete this level of training to engage in the process of modeling which is what innovates new patterns and models.  We will use the modeling tools inherent in the Meta-States Model and the Matrix Model.  The intention is to train people in Neuro-Semantics who can model experiences of excellence and by doing so, innovate new models and patterns in the coming decades.



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Training Track 1:


How do they do it? A question we often ask ourselves as we try to figure out the secret behind becoming an expert. Find out the pathway to expertise through this groundbreaking workshop called “NLP & Neuro-Semantics Modeling: The Process of Adapting the Genius of Exemplars”. Learn how to be master from the Master himself, Dr. L. Michael Hall, founder of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching.

Training Track 2:


People are so fascinating, yet so difficult to understand at times. But wouldn’t it be great if we can figure how people think, why they think the way they do? Understanding people is crucial to establishing and maintaining successful relationships, both personal and professional. Learn the skills of “Figuring People Out: How to Influence People’s Perception” with Dr. L. Michael Hall, founder of Neuro-Semantics and Meta-Coaching.

Training Track 3:


Do you know what lines to use at the right time, to the right person, in the right way, to change another person's mind? Learn how to use the power of language to free people from limiting beliefs and set them on their journey to become their best. "Mind Lines - Lines That Change Lives" is the groundbreaking workshop by Dr. L. Michael Hall

Training Track 4:


Mastering NLP involves mastering our TRANCE STATES. With hypnosis, we invite ourselves and others to “go inside and access meanings, memories, imagination and understanding”. When we do this, it would seem to someone watching that we are asleep or we are no longer aware of what is happening around us or have “gone to another place”. Yet inside, we are actually deep inside our experience, are more aware of this state and more focused than usual. In truth, we have simply transitioned to another state.

Learn how to master trance with Dr. L. Michael Hall in his 3-day workshop called “Meta-Trance: Using Language That Induces Production States in Self and in Others”.





Our collaboration pioneered bringing Dr Hall  to the Philippines to make Neuro-Semantics technology more accessible to the Filipinos and leaders who desire to effect transformation in individuals and in organizations.

With a team of internationally certified Meta-Coaches and Neuro-Semantic Trainers and over 20 years of combined training and development experience, Breakthrough Coaching & Consulting Inc (BRKTHRU) is accelerating the meta-revolution - tapping within person’s possibilities so they can perform so much more - through training, consulting, and coaching.

Backed by 40 years of business-economic research and by the global experience in the case-based executive education of the IESE Business School., Spain, Southeast Asia Business Studies (SEABS) aims to be a leading business school for understanding and mastering business issues and opportunities in the Southeast Asia. 


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