“The World Class Coach”

How Leaders Can Unleash People’s Greatness


“This book is a giant gift to the world!”     - Bo Sanchez

Just when you thought you knew enough about leading others…

What’s INSIDE:

  • Introduction to the Meta-Coaching System
  • Reasons and cases for why coaching has become the leadership communication style that yields the most productivity in people
  • Easy to use coaching script to set well formed outcomes on their kpi's How to coach negative emotions that hinder productivity
  • Assessments you can use for your coaching sessions
  • Step by Step Guide in Starting and Sustaining coaching sessions
  • Practical Tips and Examples of Real Life Coaching Situations Coaching strategies in giving effective feedback, follow-up, etc
  • Coaching contract templates and Logs to monitor clients’ progress
  • Guide to setting up a coaching culture in your organization

“The World Class Coach” How Leaders Can Unleash People’s Greatness

  • The ebook is in epub format. Download and install an epub reader app to be able to read it. There are many free epub readers for all Operating System. For Windows and Mac, one of the most popular is Calibre.


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