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Resilience Training


For Mastering Set-Backs in Life

Are you ready to become unstoppable?   Resilience describes the personal mastery which enables you to be unstoppable.  Why?  How?  Because it gives you the ability to bounce back when you’ve been knocked down. By taking charge of your mind, emotions, and responses, you learn how to own the inner game thereby enabling you to more effectively handle the external facets of your world — the outer games that you play in life and career.


How much resilience do you have for effectively handling the ups-and-downs of life?

  • With the changes and instability in the business, economics, personal life, etc., do you have the needed internal resources to be fully resilient?

  • When upsets, set-backs, and disappoints occur, how well are you able to maintain a positive attitude so you continue to take effective actions to turn things around?


Resilience for Living with more Vitality and Energy

  • Resilience gives you the internal energy of a positive attitude for not only coping, but mastering reversals and set-backs.  With resilience, you can ride the waves of change and turn things around when they go wrong.

  • Resilience endows you with a robust attitude making you more creative, energetic, proactive, and playful—giving you a cutting-edge when others are falling apart.

  • Resilience gives you an inner gyroscope of stability for your self endowing you with a greater sense of vitality for seeing and seizing opportunities.

  • Resilience is the difference between those who throw up their hands and give up from those who take on the challenges of the day to make a difference in the world.

  • Resilience distinguishes those who merely get by and those who thrive and contribute.


The Art of Resilience begins by taking charge of all the Levels of our Mind


Resilience is an internal attitude and then outer response that begins when you discover how to “run your own brain” in troubling times.


  • Discover how to step back to run quality controls on your thinking and explanatory style. 

  • Discover how to de-toxify your mind from cognitive distortions and the three P’s of learned helplessness.

  • Discover how to translate your most inspiring ideas/ meanings into your body so that they become your way of being in the world.

  • Discover how to use your meaning-making powers to set frames to influence yourself and others.

Who is Resilience Mastery for?

  • Business leaders who can bounce back from any set-back quickly and easily.

  • Professionals who want to close the Knowing-Doing gap so they fully integrate what they know in what they do.

  • Entrepreneurs for self-motivation and the proactivity for seeing and seizing opportunities without suffering the debilitating effects of fear or procrastination.

  • Parents who deal with disappointments about their children.

  • Couples who may be living in a black cloud of pessimism or apprehension.

  • Anyone who wants “the eye of the tiger” energy to bounce back from any upset.

  • Star performers who operate with integrity and focus in making difference.

A Neuro-Semantic Training

  • Developed by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. psychologist from modeling resilience (1991-1994) using the cognitive psychology of NLP and the Meta-States Model for being able to manage the higher levels of the mind.

  • Discover how to keep “the bad things” that happen out there as problems to be solved so that they do not contaminate your inner spirit. 

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